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PC-The real plymouth county (and the city of Keene NH as well)

30 August
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This is my life and these are my confessions. I'm 18 years old and a freshman at Keene State College in Keene NH. But My home and heart will always reside in Plymouth MA also referred to as the PC. (plymouth county, orange county...get it? LOL) I call it that because I would tell my friend seany who lives in Philly all these CrAzY ass drama filled stories and he once said, "jeeze, when can I make a guest appearance on an episode of the PC!" and it's true, the PC is crazy and so is my life, i could make a killer TV series outta it!
Ok so, I am also a sister of EPY (Sigma Rho Upsilon) PC 49 is phucking sick and EPY is the phucking best sorority in the world! OK, some names that will probably come up a lot in my "episodes":
Meg-My best friend and Fellow amiga, who is sadly back home in PC
Heather-Also my best friend who is Amiga # 4, also back home
Amy-another best friend and Amiga, and is allllll the way down in Memphis TN at the University of Memphis
Adrienne (fitz)- yes a best friend, currently at mass college of Liberal Arts
Patty- I have a lot of best friends, and she is one and is at salve regina university in RI
Tanya (tan)-best freind who is back in PC too
Mikaela (kayla)-Another best freind, who i could NEVER forget about, also back in the PC
Haley-My sister and pledgemate, shes from PC too but we JUST became friends now..weird huh?
Stacy-Also my sister and PLedgemate who i met at Keene, it was love at first sight LOL j/k
Krista-Sister and pledgemate, I met her at Rush and now she's my luuuudaaaaa! LOL
Crystal-My BIG SISTER!! and my mom, she keeps me in line....lol she teaches me everything
Michelle, lil Meg, Katrina,Emily, Lisa, Hewins,Cait,Crystal (there's two!)Meghann, and Nicole-All my sisters and the craziest buncha bitches i know!
Ben- Last but definitly not least my amazing Boyfriend who I am head over heels for!!
OK, well i hope that lil shpeel gave u some insight to the way my life works...so stay tuned, it should be interesting...